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Bill Daniels

A man of compassion, ethics, and integrity,
and the single source of our capacity to give
Bill Daniels in checked jacket

Bill Daniels' Values

Bill Daniels was a man of strong values and principles. He lived his life according to these values, and they guided his every decision and behavior, whether business or personal. He believed they were the dominant forces behind his success.

These values shine through clearly in the charitable purposes Bill Daniels set for his foundation. The Daniels Fund preserves the donor intent of its founder by staying true to the mission and purpose Bill established, and by incorporating his values and principles into the way it conducts business.

The following key values were important to Bill Daniels and the way he lived:

Ethics and integrity

Bill Daniels believed firmly in ethics and integrity. An extremely honest and fair businessman, his decisions were always based on what he felt was right, not just what he thought was best for himself or his company. This attitude and way of doing business earned Bill incredible respect and loyalty throughout the business world.


Bill was an honest person who always honored his word. He was completely up-front in his dealings with others, and required all conflicts to be disclosed and agreed upon before a deal could be closed. His communications were straightforward and used plain, clear language.

Respect for people

Bill was a compassionate person and showed genuine interest in the lives of others. He treated all people with equal respect and dignity, and never considered himself to be "above" anyone. Bill was a good friend, and never hesitated to help those in need. He recognized that people make mistakes, and was known for giving second chances. Bill believed in the power of the individual, and inspired and challenged people to see their own potential. He always made a point of offering praise, encouragement, and congratulations.

Loyalty and reliability

Loyalty was very important to Bill. He was loyal to his friends, employees, business associates, and vendors — and he expected the same in return.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of who Bill was. He was the definition of an entrepreneur: a business visionary, a risk-taker, and an innovator. These characteristics — and harnessing the power of the American free enterprise system — led to Bill's success. He did not permit obstacles to stand in the way of an idea he felt strongly about. He saw obstacles as challenges, and they energized him. Bill encouraged innovative solutions to difficult problems, and learned from the mistakes and failures he experienced along the way.

Belief in the free enterprise system

Bill was a champion of the American free enterprise system. He believed in the free market, and felt business should be governed by the laws of supply and demand — and wasn't in favor of excessive government interference or regulation. Bill believed competition effectively encourages continuous improvement to deliver the best products and services to those who want them.

Patriotism and dedication to community

Bill believed that America is the land of opportunity, and cherished the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. He loved America and the communities where he lived, and did everything he could to strengthen them by giving back. Bill served his country as a combat pilot in two wars. He was actively involved in the political system. And he supported businesses and charitable causes in all of the places he called home.

Commitment to excellence

Bill had a commitment to excellence, and applied that standard to everything he did. He was an exceptional communicator, highly organized, and dedicated to delivering services and products of the highest quality. It was important to Bill — personally and for his companies — to convey quality and professionalism through image and action. He set a high standard for the personal appearance of his associates and his offices, expected publications and correspondence to be flawless, and insisted that customer service be exceptional.


When Bill was growing up, the teaching of etiquette was a major focus in the Daniels household. The manners he learned as a child stayed with him throughout his life. For Bill, practicing impeccable manners and proper etiquette were an essential part of doing business, and he placed high expectations not only on himself, but also on every one of his business associates. Bill believed in being on time, promptly returning calls and correspondence, sending thank you notes and RSVPs, and dressing appropriately.

Bill Daniels
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