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The Life & Legacy
of Bill Daniels

The Life & Legacy
of Bill Daniels

The Daniels Fund Board of Directors is delighted to offer you a free digital download of The Life & Legacy of Bill Daniels. Reaction to the book has been tremendous, and many people have told us they were moved and inspired by the larger-than-life story of our founder and his ongoing legacy of compassion and generosity.
You may have known Bill as a friend or business associate during his lifetime. Or this may be your first introduction. Whatever Bill's impact on your life, we are confident this book will surprise and entertain you. You will know Bill Daniels pretty well by the end, and you'll understand what motivated him to establish the Daniels Fund and create the specific direction that guides its operation.

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For Mac, PC, iPad/iPhone, Android, and other mobile/tablet devices capable of displaying PDFs

Bill Daniels Philosophy Statements

Generosity title with Bee and flower

Imagine a world

where people give simply because they want to...
Legacy title with picture of Earth

When you put your life into perspective

you realize how little time there is to make something truly significant out of it...
Confidence title with turtle

If you've never taken a chance

on yourself, you may never know what you're missing
out on...
respect title with rooster and chickens

I've always told people

they don't work for me, they work
with me...

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