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March 19, 2018

Daniels Fund awards $80,000 for scholarships
to non-traditional students in Wyoming

DENVER – The Daniels Fund has awarded $80,000 in Boundless Opportunity Scholarship grant funds to two colleges and universities in Wyoming: the University of Wyoming and Gillette College.

These partnering schools will use the funds to award Boundless Opportunity Scholarships to non-traditional students who are motivated to create a better life for themselves and their families, and who demonstrate the need for financial assistance.

Boundless Opportunity Scholarship logo

"Boundless Opportunity Scholarships give a boost to non-traditional students who are seeking to better their lives with a college education, certificate program, or training program for a high-demand career," said Linda Childears, president and CEO of the Daniels Fund.

Student populations that qualify as "non-traditional" include: adults entering or returning to college, GED recipients, veterans entering or returning to college, former foster care youth, former juvenile justice youth, individuals pursuing EMT/paramedic training, individuals pursuing Early Childhood Education (ECE) certification, individuals training for certain high-demand careers through select training programs. Each school or training provider selects specific populations for which they provide scholarships.

A full list of schools and the populations they award can be found at Each year, funding for Boundless Opportunity Scholarships is awarded to schools for two-year cycles, so scholarships are also available at additional schools that received funding in 2017.

The name of the program came from a quote by founder Bill Daniels who once stated, "America remains the greatest nation on earth, where boundless opportunities still exist for each and every one of us."

Since 2003, Daniels Fund has awarded a total of $17.4 million in Boundless Opportunity Scholarships to nearly 5,900 non-traditional students through colleges and training providers in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

The Daniels Fund, established by cable television pioneer Bill Daniels, is a private charitable foundation dedicated to making life better for the people of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming through its grants program, scholarship program, and ethics initiative. Visit to learn more.

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