An initiative to deliver principle-based ethics education

Collegiate Program

Expected Learning Results and Objectives

Collegiate Program Component Learning Results & Objectives

Student learning
  • Understand ethical principles, anchored in a business perspective
  • Understand that principles are constant foundations for all situations
  • Understand that application of ethical principles always has positive long-term impact
  • Ability to identify ethical implications in real-world situations
  • Ability to apply ethical principles in real-world decision-making
  • Ability to embody and model

Involvement of the business community
  • Relevant, meaningful student interaction with business leaders
  • Expand knowledge and use of principle-based ethics in organizations

Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium
  • Strengthen and expand principle-based ethics instruction in the region
  • Expand ethics resources, shared among members
  • Enhance ethics instructional approaches
  • Expand activities related to ethics education

Outreach to other educational institutions and community constituents
  • Expand and improve principle-based ethics instruction across the region served by the university
  • Expand resources available

Outreach to non-business disciplines on campus
  • Expand opportunities for non-business majors to be exposed to principle-based ethical decision- making anchored in business concepts
  • Enhance principle-based ethics instruction in non-business disciplines

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