Meeting Space

A productive place to meet and plan — offered free-of-charge
to nonprofit organizations and public entities

General Information

General Information

  • Restrooms accessible to all guests are located on the first floor.
  • An accessible ramp is located on the east side of the building on Monroe Street.
  • We ask Meeting Space guests to enter and exit only through the main entrance.
  • For evening meetings, please assign someone to greet your arriving guests and direct them to your meeting room.
  • In consideration of Daniels Fund staff and other guests — please be mindful of noise levels during meetings and while in the reception area and hallways.
  • Vending machines are located near the catering kitchen.
  • Filtered tap water and hot water are available in the catering kitchen.
  • Food and drinks should remain in the meeting rooms, and should be disposed of in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Please do not bring balloons or confetti into the building.
  • Open flames, candles, or incense are not permitted.
  • When using self-adhesive flipchart sheets, please do not attach them to the Bill Daniels wall timeline.

Set-Up and Clean-Up

A Daniels Fund Associate will be available during the set-up time of your meeting to provide assistance. Each meeting room is furnished with tables, chairs, an easel, flipchart, and complimentary bottled water. Other resources can be requested on the Meeting Space Request Form.

Organizations are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of meeting rooms they use. Please leave the room clean and return tables and chairs to the standard layout posted in each room. The Meeting Coordinator should notify the Receptionist as the group departs. Organizations may be asked to reimburse the Daniels Fund for damage they cause to facilities, furniture, or equipment.

Please place trash, recycling, and food waste in the appropriate bins in your room. At the conclusion of your meeting, please move bags of trash and recycling to the larger bins in the catering kitchen, and place new liners in the meeting room bins. Table tops should be cleaned, if needed. Any unused water provided by the Daniels Fund should remain in the room. Catering items should be placed in the catering kitchen and leftover food should be removed.

Building Security

The safety of Daniels Fund associates and all guests is our top priority. The Daniels Fund prohibits weapons of any type in its facility. This includes visible and concealed weapons, even those for which the owner has obtained the necessary permits. Individuals in law enforcement are exempt from this policy.

We ask that you notify us of any threats, controversies, or other situations involving your organization, or individuals within your organization, that could cause security concerns during your meeting at the Daniels Fund.

As a security measure, cameras are in operation to provide 24-hour video surveillance throughout the building.


The Daniels Fund is a smoke-free environment, with the exception of the designated area. Smoking or vaping are not permitted within 15 feet of any entrance according to Colorado state law. The designated smoking area is located at the bottom of our front steps.

Emergency Procedures

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is located in the catering kitchen.

If the fire alarm sounds or upon the direction of a Daniels Fund associate, Meeting Space guests are required to exit the building immediately. Emergency evacuation routes are posted in each meeting room.

Internet Access

  • Internet access is available in meeting rooms via our wireless guest network.
  • Internet access is limited to standard websites (not permitted: custom ports, custom services, or VPNs).
  • Only laptops, tablets, and phones may be connected to our wireless network. Wired or wireless hubs, switches, routers, etc. may not be connected.
  • Technical assistance is limited to establishing internet connectivity between your device and our wireless guest network, and connectivity is not guaranteed.


  • Meeting rooms offer projectors and projection screens for presentations from your device capable of HDMI or VGA output (please bring any needed adapters).
  • The meeting room speakers can be used to play audio from your device via HDMI or standard headphone audio output.
  • Conference telephones are available upon request.
  • Technical assistance is limited to establishing A/V output from your device, and we cannot guarantee video or audio output from your device.

Photography and Videography

The Daniels Fund is a private building; photographs and videos may not be taken on the premises without prior approval. If approved, we ask that you please avoid including Daniels Fund logos, memorabilia, artwork, etc. in the photos and/or videos.

Please contact the Operations Associate at 303.393.7220 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to seek approval.


Organizations using our Meeting Space may not hold media conferences or make public announcements at the Daniels Fund.

Please notify the Daniels Fund in advance about any potential media interest in your activities while using our Meeting Space.

Providing use of our Meeting Space does not constitute an endorsement of visiting organizations or their activities.


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