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Tom Marinkovich headshot

Thomas Marinkovich

Investor & Former Cable Television Executive

Tom Marinkovich was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. He earned his bachelor's degree in Commercial Science and Accounting from Seattle University in 1962. After graduation, Tom joined the Seattle office of Price Waterhouse & Company (now PricewaterhouseCoopers).

He began his career as a member of the firm's audit staff, but soon pursued his desire to specialize in taxation. In 1970, he transferred to the Portland office to lead the firm's tax practice. Tom was made a Partner in 1974, and Partner in Charge of the Denver tax practice in 1978.

In 1980, Tom left Price Waterhouse to become Chief Financial Officer at Daniels & Associates (D&A) in Denver. D&A was the oldest and largest telecommunications brokerage, consulting, and service firm in America. It also became one of the top 20 multisystem operators (MSOs) in the cable industry.

In 1981, he was named President and Chief Operating Officer of D&A and all related entities. In that capacity, Tom was responsible for the daily administration and management of all Daniels divisions, including brokerage, investment banking, cable system operations, and paging communications. His involvement in large acquisitions and syndications included a lead role representing a consortium of the five major cable companies that acquired all cable operations then owned by Westinghouse (now Group W) in a multi-billion dollar transaction.

Tom built a reputation as a top expert in mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganization, and partnership taxation while at Price Waterhouse. During his years as a CPA in Seattle, Portland, and Denver, Tom was an active member of various organizations related to the accounting and tax professions.

Tom was involved in various cable programming startups while at Daniels, including the formation of the country's largest regional cable TV sports network in Los Angeles. In 1988, he coordinated the sale of Daniels' multisystem cable operating company to United Artists. Following that sale, Tom and his family returned to the Pacific Northwest where he has invested in real estate, operating companies, and venture capital firms.