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Honoring Bill Daniels' direction to make life better for the people
and communities of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

Michael’s bravest battle

Grantee: Craig Hospital
State: Colorado

“I have two Independence Days — July 4th and April 13th. As a proud American and veteran, July 4th stirs strong emotions for me. But April 13th was the first time I could live independently following my injury. For that, I live in gratitude for my supportive, loving family and to the Craig Hospital Foundation.”

In 2013, Michael was in Loveland, Colorado, celebrating Independence Day weekend by camping, hiking, and off-roading. The ATV he was driving hit a boulder. It flipped and landed on his chest, injuring his spinal cord. Michael’s military instincts kicked in as he coached his wife to locate help. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital and later transferred to Craig Hospital for rehabilitation. As he focused on that difficult task, Michael worried about providing for his family and being a good parent and husband. He received assistance from Craig Hospital Foundation (a Daniels Fund grantee) to modify his home, install a garage lift, remodel his bathroom, and secure other life-altering equipment that contributed to his self-care, mobility, and dignity.

“I am so thankful to Craig Hospital Foundation and its donors who contribute toward Patient Assistance and Project EQL (Equipment for Quality Living). When our financial resources and insurance were depleted, these funds covered the gap. The best measure of this assistance is not the amount spent, but what these gifts made possible in my life.”