College scholarships for young people of exceptional character
and non-traditional students through two distinct programs

Information for Daniels Scholars

In an effort to support the success of each Daniels Scholar and to strengthen and build upon relationships between the Daniels Fund and our college and university partners, we have established the Daniels Scholar Success Program. This program is built around three goals:

The Daniels Fund believes that we are only one component of the support a student receives in their pursuit of a college education. We want to be in partnership with family and friends, the local community, and the colleges and universities where Daniels Scholars attend.

The Daniels Scholar Success Program, in partnership with colleges and universities, features three main components:

Through the Daniels Scholar Success program the Daniels Fund hopes to put systems in place that allow the campus and the Daniels Fund to communicate regularly about the progress of Daniels Scholars. The Daniels Fund requests that each college/university identify a campus liaison to serve as both a person the Daniels Fund staff can work with and Daniels Scholars can use as a campus resource when they need assistance. In turn, the Daniels Fund has assigned a Scholar Relations Officer to each institution within the four-state region we serve: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The Scholar Relations Officer is the university’s and the Daniels Scholar’s main point of contact at the Daniels Fund.