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Daniels Scholarship Program

Partner School Option

The Daniels Scholarship is a supplemental, or "last dollar" scholarship, which also covers a scholar's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) at partner schools.

Driven by our commitment to helping students graduate free of education-related debt, the Daniels Fund has established partnership agreements with a number of colleges and universities in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. For Daniels Scholars choosing to attend one of these institutions, the Daniels Fund and the school will cover their EFC. As this amount varies each year and can be significant, the financial burden on scholars and their families can be dramatically reduced.

A current list of partner schools is below.

For more details on what is covered by the Daniels Scholarship and how the scholarship works at all other schools, please see the "What does the Daniels Scholarship Program cover?" section here.

Partner Schools

   Colorado partner schools

  New Mexico partner schools

  Utah partner schools

  Wyoming partner schools