Meeting Space

A productive place to meet and plan ----
offered free-of-charge to nonprofit organizations and public entities

Set-up, clean-up, & services


A Daniels Fund Associate will be available during the time of your meeting to provide assistance to Meeting Space guests. Each meeting room is furnished with tables and chairs. Other resources can be requested on the Meeting Space Request Form.

Additional services include:


It is very possible your meeting room will be used immediately after your departure. With that in mind, we ask you to ensure the following tasks are complete before you leave:


To schedule a tour of the Meeting Space, please contact the Daniels Fund at 303.393.7220 or email [email protected].

Guest Information

Hotel Accommodations

For assistance with hotel options for out-of-town guests attending your meeting, please contact the Daniels Fund at 303.393.7220.

Building Security

The safety of Daniels Fund associates and all guests is our top priority. The Daniels Fund stricly prohibits weapons of any type in its facility. This includes visible and concealed weapons, even those for which the owner has obtained the necessary permits. Individuals in law enforcement are exempt from this policy.

We ask that you notify us of any threats, controversies, or other situations involving your organization, or individuals within your organization, that could cause security concerns during your meeting at the Daniels Fund.

To ensure the safety of all parties, security cameras are in operation to provide 24-hour video surveillance throughout the building.


The Daniels Fund is a smoke-free environment, with the exception of the designated area. Smoking is not permitted within 15 feet of any entrance according to state law. Our designated smoking area is located at the bottom of our front steps.

Emergency Procedures

If the fire alarm sounds or upon the direction of a Daniels Fund associate, Meeting Space guests are required to exit the building immediately.

Photography and Videography

The Daniels Fund is a private building; photographs and videos may not be taken on the premises without prior approval. If approval is granted, Daniels Fund logos, memorabilia, artwork, etc. may not be included in the photos and/or videos.

Please contact the Operations Associate at 303.393.7220 or [email protected] to seek approval.