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Mesa Developmental Services

A Daniels Fund Impact Story

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Capital Support
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Developmental Disabilities
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Grant purpose:  To support the purchase of specialized equipment and assisted technologies.

How this organization is helping make lives better:   As the sole provider of respite services to over 130 families in Mesa County, Colorado, Mesa Developmental Services (MDS) fills an important need in the care and well being of children with developmental disabilities.  The services provided by MDS reduce the number of emergency hospital visits for children, revitalize and reduce the stress of the primary caregivers, and help eliminate the placement of developmentally disabled children outside of their home and away from their families.  100% of the respite services MDS provides go directly to families with significant financial needs and who have the greatest needs for services.  

Story of a life made better:  When McKenzie was in Kindergarten, she went into cardiac arrest at school during recess, which resulted in severe brain damage.  Her mom, Mary is a single mom raising McKenzie and her two sisters.  Things were easier when McKenzie was younger because Mary had teenage daughters to help, and McKenzie was a lot smaller and easier to care for.  McKenzie requires total care, 24/7 and is very medically fragile due to her cardiac condition.  The older girls are off to college now and Mary depends on respite care so she can do simple things most of us take for granted, like run errands, have coffee with a friend at a book store or just take a break from her round-the-clock caregiver role. Thanks to Mesa Developmental Services, Mary can receive her well deserved breaks and keep McKenzie with her at home.

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