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OpenWorld Learning

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Youth Development
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Academic & Supplemental Services
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Grant purpose:  To support OpenWorld Learning’s after school and summer advanced computer skill seminars for low income children.  

How this organization is helping make lives better:  OpenWorld Learning’s programs utilize existing computer facilities at schools to teach low income students how to design multimedia projects and interactive software based on topics that interest the students.  Through the use of computers, the programs teach the higher-order skills that have become crucial to success in today’s world. Students develop basic skills in reading, writing and math, as they develop the core skills of the Information Age—including: creative thinking, analytical reasoning, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership. OpenWorld Learning provides students with a fun and challenging introduction to advanced technology skills and deepens their skills in logical thinking, mathematical reasoning and complex communication.  The program previously served approximately 480 students annually, but expects to nearly double its capacity through expansion to new schools.        

Story of a life made better:  According to one parent with a child at OpenWorld: “The activities and projects that OpenWorld Learning provides have been very individualized, interesting and challenging experiences. The entire staff has been very pleasant, positive and genuinely engaged with my son and the other students. I have seen an improved level of academic independence in my son since he´s been in the program.”

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OpenWorld Learning
360 Acoma Street Suite 102
Denver, CO   80223
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