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People Helping People, Incorporated

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Successful Employment Program
Grant Funding Area:
Homeless And Disadvantaged
Grant Impact Area:
Transitional Housing with Supportive Services
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Grant purpose:  To provide support for the Successful Employment Program, which educates low income, primarily single mothers, so that they may become gainfully employed in reasonably paid positions.             

How this organization is helping make lives better:  People Helping People teaches homeless and low income women, primarily single mothers, how to earn adequate income through stable employment.  Established in 1996, the organization operates its Successful Employment Program, which is a bi-weekly, six month course that combines training, mentoring, coaching, employment referral service, business clothing referral services, and homeless prevention counseling.  100% of People Helping People’s clients live below the poverty level.  50% to 70% who utilize the mentoring and coaching services got a job, maintained employment, received a raise or promotion, or enrolled in some type of training or education program.

Story of a life made better:  With three children, Anne had been out of the workforce for over five years and was concerned about her employment options.  She had retail sales experience, but knew she wouldn’t make enough to support her family in retail. She was convinced her skills would not qualify her for a better paying job.

PHP helped Anne realize her skills were valuable and marketable. She learned how and where to look for applicable jobs. Her volunteer mentor and coaches helped her prepare a professional resume and develop the confidence to aggressively job search. While enrolled at PHP, Anne took a temp job, making $8.50 per hour. She performed so well they offered her a full-time position which more than doubled her income. She has since earned additional promotions and raises. Anne has maintained stable employment for over 2 years, has gone from welfare to earning over $50,000/year, is eligible for bonuses, receives full benefits, and is no longer receiving public assistance.

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People Helping People, Incorporated
205 North 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT   84103
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