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Bright Beginnings

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Grant purpose:  To support Bright Beginning’s programs which help parents better provide for their child’s intellectual, physical, and emotional development.   

How this organization is helping make lives better:  By the age of three most of a child's physical, intellectual and emotional development is well underway.  Everything a parent does during this time period has a lasting effect on the child's success, including the child's readiness to learn.  Parents have the power to shape their child's future and Colorado Bright Beginnings has the power to help parents.  Bright Beginnings provides education and training to families throughout Colorado on how to give better support for their child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development during the first three years of life.  Bright Beginnings' programs are free for all Colorado parents and are available in both English and Spanish.  Volunteers conduct personalized home visits and provide age appropriate information on issues such as child brain development, immunization, healthcare, breast feeding, child care, reading to the child, discipline, language development, parent child bonding, safety, and other aspects of childcare.       

Story of a life made better: Valerie admits she was overwhelmed without family nearby when her son Owen was born.  “I made one phone call.  Bright Beginnings set up the visit, they came out, and they gave us the resources we needed.”  The information gave her confidence in her natural parenting skills, and she felt that the visit both reassured her about what she was doing and also encouraged her to try different things. Valarie has had several Bright Beginnings visits and sees the positive impact it has had.  “Owen engages so easily with the activities.  He has a phenomenal vocabulary and associates well between words and pictures.”

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