Illustrating the Daniels Fund's impact in the communities we serve

The Daniels Fund Impact Map

Grants Awarded by the Daniels Fund by Year

Measuring Impact:
Since the first 12 grants were awarded in 2000, we’ve grown to more than 700 grants each year, which reach into the farthest corners of our four state region, as well as to programs with a national impact.

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Salt Lake Arts Academy (2013)
Alliance for Choice in Education (2006)
Bright Beginnings (2008)
Denver School of Science and Technology (2008)
Educate New Mexico (2009)
Partners in Housing, Incorporated (2009)
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Grants Awarded by the Daniels Fund by Funding Area

Measuring Impact:
Since the Daniels Fund was founded in the year 2000, total grant awards have exceeded $300 million. More than 6,000 grants have supported grantees large and small, rural and urban from start-ups to a century old.

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The Road Home (2009)
Work Options for Women (2009)
Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico (2008)
Women's Bean Project (2009)
People Helping People, Incorporated (2009)
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (2009)
Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Amateur Sports
Early Childhood Education
K-12 Education Reform
Ethics & Integrity - Higher Education
Homeless & Disadvantaged
Youth Development
Scholarships Awarded by the Daniels Fund by Year

Measuring Impact:
543 Daniels Scholars have graduated from college (as of May 2010).

68% of Daniels Scholars graduate from college - as compared to national statistics which show na overal lcollege population graduation rate of 57% and 26% for low-income or first-generation students (graduation rates are based on students who have earned a bachelor's degree within 6 academic years).
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Kateri Sisneros (2007)
Jonathan Dugan (2007)
Denise Terrazas (2007)
Jennifer Ewers (2007)
Jennifer Green (2008)
Jackelyn Nguyen (2008)
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