Ethics Initiative

An initiative to deliver principle-based ethics education

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative


The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative encompasses four components, each with specific approaches and target audiences. All strive to deliver principle-based ethics education and reinforce the value of ethical conduct.

Collegiate Program

The Collegiate Program is based on partnerships between the Daniels Fund and, currently, ten business schools and one law school at universities across Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The program drives principle-based ethics education throughout each participating school, with the ultimate goal of instilling a high standard of ethics in young people. Students, faculty, and members of the community expand their engagement with two annual events — an Ethics Case Competition and an Ethics Summit.

High School Program

The High School Program provides an earlier introduction to principle-based ethics education, targeting students active in business and marketing education. From new ethics curriculum and competitive events for students to professional development training and classroom materials for teachers, the High School Program has a potential national reach of 250,000 students per year.

Law Enforcement Program

The Law Enforcement Program is a partnership that provides expanded principle-based ethics training to police and sheriff's departments.

Case Bank

The Case Bank is an online library of simple, straightforward business cases focusing on principle-based ethics available to the public and intended for use in educational settings.

Ethics Funding

The bulk of the Daniels Fund's ethics grantmaking relates to the three programs listed above. On a very limited basis, we provide funding for additional ethics programs that complement the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. If you are interested in discussing an ethics grant, please contact Bo Peretto at [email protected].

What principle-based ethics means to the Daniels Fund

Download the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Principles (786 KB)

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and its components extend beyond philosophy and theory to real-world practical application of ethical principles as a framework for personal and organizational decision making and leadership. Our belief is that ethics education must convey that principles are constant foundations — not relative to a specific situation — and that doing what is right prevails over self-interest when the two may appear to be in conflict.

The Daniels Fund, along with our business school partners, established a set of straightforward and understandable principles that form the philosophical foundation of all Ethics Initiative activities: